MEDTRANSLATE is the flagship in the medical translation market

A rapidly expanding global enterprise that holds a prominent position in the medical and pharmaceutical translation market.


MEDTRANSLATE, as a global corporation, amalgamates the principles of exclusivity, innovation, technological effectiveness, and the utmost quality of service.


Our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner with leading pharmaceutical companies, research organizations, manufacturers and distributors of medical equipment is attributed to the professionalism and appropriate qualifications of our specialists.

We are committed to achieving excellence and fully endorse every word and material that our translators work on.


Offering professional linguistic support for medical and pharmaceutical businesses
in the global promotion of new products, expertise, and technologies.


MedTranslate LLP is dedicated to attaining and sustaining high-quality medical translation and interpreting services that meet and exceed customer expectations. Our commitment encompasses a thorough understanding of the nuances of the medical and pharmaceutical translation market.

Company Background

MedTranslate growth milestones

Focused expertise

Years of dedicated effort in working with medical texts have enabled us to accumulate in-depth knowledge and engage with experienced translators. They possess unique skills, including a deep understanding of medical terminology and industry-specific knowledge.


We place a high value on the confidentiality of medical information. To safeguard the confidentiality and protection of all client data, we have implemented stringent security measures. Our contractors sign non-disclosure agreements and strictly adhere to confidentiality protocols for you to be confident in 100% secrecy when entrusting us with your documents.

Efficiency and quality

Recognizing the urgency and critical nature of medical translation deadlines, our top priorities are efficiency and quality. We leverage cutting-edge translation tools and technologies to streamline the process and ensure consistency across all translated materials. Every translation is subject to thorough proofreading and editing to ensure the final product meets the highest standards.

Saving time and budget

On a daily basis, we process over 633,000 words, generating a Translation Memory, which is a valuable tool that can substantially save clients’ time and money throughout the translation process. Establishing long-term partnerships and providing recurring orders can lead to reduced costs, resulting in greater savings. Translating duplicate or similar content from scratch can be time-consuming and costly, but the use of translation memory eliminates these redundant tasks.

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